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4 Classic Jars w/Shipping*

Free Shipping

The Original Yummy Cupcake in a Jar 4 Pack - FREE GROUND SHIPPING*!

While others have tried to copy us, these decadent treats are the only Cupcakes in a Jar that are made fresh daily from Yummy Cupcakes® and our real, wholesome, quality ingredients that our talented Chefs have been crafting since 2004.

Our fresh made gourmet cupcakes are sliced and layered in a contemporary 8oz glass jar with our house-made frostings and fillings, and complimenting scrumptious toppings.  

It's a treat unlike all the rest!

*  Because this is fresh, perishable product, we offer free ground shipping if delivery can reach recipient within 2-3 days
   If this product is outside this window, we ship by air for 2-3 day arrival at a shipping cost of $10.