Baking & Decorating Classes

Cupcake Baking Classes

Great fun & a lots of info!  Learn why Yummy Cupcakes is the PremiYum Choice.



  • Hands on training by a Yummy Cupcakes Pastry Chef.

  • Learn tips, tricks and techniques used by Yummy Cupcakes’ Pastry Chefs.

  • Bake two different flavors of gourmet cupcakes from scratch...learn how sequencing and handling affect the outcome.

  • Learn the secrets of making that "whippy" buttercream from scratch.

  • Decorate cupcakes using several methods:  by hand, pastry bags, piping, dipping and rolling.

  • Take home at least 1 dozen cupcakes you prepare.

  • Receive a gift certificate for ½ dozen cupcakes, redeemabale on a future visit.Kids Decorating Class ($22.00)

Adult Class:  $75.00



  • Learn fun, kid appropriate tips and tricks

  • Learn to fill, frost and decorate 2 cupcakes

  • Make & take home 1 Cupcake Push Pop

  • Take home the masterpieces that they create in class

  • Participants get either a milk or water to enjoy during the class

  • Vanilla and Chocolate cupcakes and buttercreams will be used (vegan and Gluten-less available by request)

Kids Class:  $22.00



Holiday classes starting in October.  Dates and times being scheduled soon!

Call us to schedule a private Baking Class event for your group!!



All classes are held at The Original Yummy Cupcakes in Burbank. To reserve your spot, please call our Bakeshop at 818.558.1080.

All methods and recipes are proprietary and will remain property of Yummy Cupcakes.  Participants will not be given these proprietary recipes.  All information taken from these classes is for private use only and may not be used for commercial purposes.  Information obtained cannot be reproduced or published without written consent of Yummy Cupcakes Inc.