Benefits of Owning a Yummy Cupcakes®

What are the Benefits of Being a Yummy Cupcakes® Owner/Operator?


Sharing Our Experience:
As a Yummy Cupcakes® Owner/Operator, you’ll have the benefit of walking into a ready-made system. We have spent the past seven years trying, testing, and refining our business so that it’s a business model that works. With your own business experience, drive and energy and our working business model, we have a winning combination!

Turnkey Training:
We believe a major component of our Owner/Operators is the training you receive prior to becoming an Owner/Operator and the ongoing training and support you continue to receive as you develop your business. From buying to baking, customer service to selling, marketing and managing, we’re helping teach you how to be a successful Yummy Cupcakes® Owner/Operator.

Proven Proprietary Materials:
In addition to our training, you’ll receive rights to use trademarks and proprietary materials that have taken years to create and develop. This includes operational and marketing manuals as well as hundreds of proprietary recipes that will set you apart from all other bakeshops. Yummy Cupcakes® will provide you with all the training and materials you need to be a success.

Rewards of Ownership:
One of the best rewards is owning your own business and receiving the rewards that come from being responsible for your own success. While we support and train you the entire time you are in business with Yummy Cupcakes® and provide you the tools to make it happen, you are in business for yourself and responsible for your own success.

Tools for Success:
Yummy Cupcakes® will provide you with all the tools you will need in your business.

  • Local and national marketing to include sales, advertising, promotions, public relations as well as local and national press
  • Training programs, on-going seminars and conferences
  • On-site staff to assist with store openings
  • Marketing manuals to assist you in the day-to-day marketing of your business
  • A team of Yummy Cupcakes® professionals specifically dedicated to supporting your ongoing growth and success

Contributing To Your Community:
The enjoyment of working in your community, being a contributing community small business and supporting your community. A pride of ownership and sense of social responsibility.

Personal, Professional and Financial Growth:
You will have opportunities for personal and professional growth and satisfaction both as an Owner/Operator of a Yummy Cupcakes® and as a member of the Yummy Cupcakes® team, respected worldwide. We will give the tools and training you need to operate, and combined with your own knowledge, experience, effort, and drive, you will be creating your financial future!

As a Yummy Cupcakes® Franchisee Owner/Operator, you will experience a commitment to supporting your success that is highly valued and exceptional in the industry. When you are in the Yummy Cupcakes® family you become a part of a winning team and winning approach to business!

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