Birthdays are BIG at Yummy Cupcakes®

Every one of us is a kid on our birthday!  And nothing pleases and delights that “kid” better than cupcakes and cupcake treats!!

Our talented Pastry Chefs go all out to create the perfect cupcakes for your birthday event…from Ninja Turtles to Princess,  Simple Sophisticated to all out Glam,  to custom designs to match your personal theme.

And to make your gourmet cupcakes the center of attention, we offer you a variety of traditional cupcake display stands to rent at prices ranging from $15 – $40 depending upon the number of cupcakes you need to display and your selection of display. 

If you need something just for the birthday person, we offer:

  • A jumbo gourmet cupcake with candle and happy birthday name
  • A  6” cake to match your cupcake design
  • “Happy Birthday” chocolate ovals
  • A variety of colorful and fun birthday candles
  • Novelty toppers like Balloons, Ribbon Curls, Birthday Hats and more



Or bring your birthday party to the Bakeshop and have a
Cupcake Decorating Party!  


Call any of our Bakeshops and let’s get your party started!