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Cupcake in a Jar 4-Pack (Pickup/Delivery)

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Cupcake in a Jar - 4 Pack

There are many cupcakes in jars out there these days but there is only one made from the original Yummy Cupcakes® and the only one made with our decadent and delicious gourmet cupcakes, frostings, fillings and toppings!

A Yummy Cupcakes® gourmet cupcake is layered in a mason jar with whippy frostings, luscious fillings and scrumptious toppings! It is ready to eat with spoon.

Each Cupcake in a Jar™ is 1/2 pint or 8 ounces.

This pack travels frozen. If still frozen when it arrives, please thaw at room temperature and enjoy.
If you choose to refrigerate, please enjoy within 5 days.