Grad Cupcakes in a Jar PICK UP

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This Graduation Box contains 4 Cupcakes in a Jar that are crafted fresh from scratch using real, wholesome, quality ingredients.  Recipes are created just for Yummy Cupcakes by Executive Chef Tiffini Soforenko, so you get a treat unlike all the rest.  These treats are layered with our gourmet cupcake, house-made filling and scrumptious toppings.

Plus, when the Cupcake in a Jar is opened, there will be either a "2020" fondant disc or a "GRAD" fondant disc on top.  And, if you like, you can select a general graduation sticker for the lid of the Cupcake in a Jar or a sticker for Burbank or Burroughs High School.

Select your flavors from the drop down menu options and we'll do the rest.

These are Available for Burbank Bakeshop PICK UP Thurs - Sat, 12-4.