• Nat'l Chocolate Cake Day...Woo Hoo!!

    What could be better than a day celebrating chocolate cake! Love it. Dive into delicious chocolate cupcakes today at all Yummy the filled with pure chocolate ganache Fudge Yummy, the all Chocolate/Chocolate, the Chocolate Happy Day and even Chocolate Cupcake filled with peanut butter.  It's all about the chocolate cake today : )



  • Happy New Year 2020!

    Looking forward to an exciting year of delicious Cupcakes & Treats to share with our customers.  January we introduce such a fun cupcake.  It's the Candy Peek-a-Boo Cupcake.  It's such a fun time getting a dozen of these exciting cupcakes for maybe a birthday party or get-together and sharing the excitement when that first bite reveals a fun surprise of candy, sprinkles and chocolates.  Great to order for sharing at your favorite football game and filling your cupcake with candy in your team's colors?  Perfect for gender reveals? Check it out.  January at Yummy Cupcakes.

  • Cupcake Teats are perfect stocking stuffers too!

    It's awesome to give a dozen cupcakes all tied up in ribbon because it brings such big smiles.  It's also awesome to find a Cupcake Treat in your Christmas Stocking!  Or add a Free Cupcake Card available at all Yummy Cupcakes Bakeshops.  Lots to choose from and so delicious!

  • We're crafting delicious Cupcake Treats for the Holidays!

    So many great cupcake flavors like Egg Nog, Snowball, Chocolate Peppermint, Nutty Fudge, Candy Cane, Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough and yes...even the infamous Tomato Soup Cupcake, and so much more.  Plus delicious treats like a Cupcake on a Stick, Cupcake Truffles & Pops, Cupcakie Pies, Push Up Pops, Edible Cookie Dough and even more.  Check out all the treats at Yummy Cupcakes.

  • Celebrating Nat'l Cupcake Day this Sunday!

    Yummy Cupcakes is very proud to have been at the forefront of bringing gourmet cupcakes to you since early 2004!  We now have about 450 flavor combinations and many Cupcake crafted treats like:  Cupcakie Pies, Cupcake Push Up Pops, Cupcake Truffles & Pops, Cupcake Biscotti, Cupcakie Crunch, Cupcake on a Stick and the very first to introduce the widely imitate Cupcake in a Jar.  

    We are celebrating all things cupcake this Sunday with fun treats for our customers, who we are so grateful for.  The first 100 customers at each Bakeshop will get a free cupcake card to use whenever you want.  Also giving out free frosting shots of different flavors.  And since our Happy Day cupcake, introduced 15 years ago, remains one of the most popular, on this National Cupcake Day we are introducing its friend...the Chocolate Happy Day.

    Stop by and share the fun of the day

    Note:  Yummy Cupcakes Bloomfield Hills will celebrate on Saturday

    Make Life a Treat!

  • Happy Halloween Treats are Here!

    Happy Halloween : ).  Check out all the delicious cupcake treats at Yummy Cupcakes today.  And they are all decked out and dressed up for Halloween.  Flavors like Red Devil Velvet (with red horns), Black Out (with a creepy green hand breaking out of the Oreo Crumbs, Devil Dog (with a chocolate bat on top), Evil Eye (with a vein filled sugar eye), Slasher (with cherry pie filling "blood" under a sugar slasher knife) name a few.  At Yummy Cupcakes today!

  • It's National Chocolate Cupcake Day!!

    It's National Chocolate Cupcake Day!!!! Yummy Cupcakes has you covered....Chocolate/Chocolate, Fudge Yummy, Old School, Chocolaty Salty Caramel, Chocolate Marshmallow, German Chocolate and even more! At Yummy Cupcakes today : )



  • Spooky Season is Coming!

    Yummy Cupcakes is preparing a delicious Halloween decorated variety of cupcake treats for the Halloween Spooky Season....everything from the Pumpkin to the Evil Eye to the Slasher.  Halloween classic and mini cupcakes, Cupcakes on a Stick, Spooky dressed Cupcake Truffles and Pops, Cupcakes in a Jar and much more.  It's all unfolding for the #spookyseason at Yummy Cupcakes.  

  • Having my pancakes the cupcake way...

    it's National pancake day! The Pancakes n' Bacon Cupcake is the way to go!

    Add today's Pumpkin Spice Latte cupcake and it's all good.
    (at the Burbank and San Diego location)
    And since it's Johnny Appleseed Day too.... check out the Apple Cider Cupcake baked today in all locations.

  • Taki Cupcakes this weekend only!

    Awesome taste of heat, crunch and a hint of lime paired with soft cake and just the right touch of buttercream sweetness.  So good!  Created by Executive Chef Tiffini Soforenko in response to the many requests of customers and fans.  So here are the Taki Cupcakes showing for a limited engagement this weekend, Fri-Sun.

  • Please cast your vote for our San Diego Bakeshop today?

    We are so proud of that location being nominated and now in the top 5 : )))))).   Voting is open today and tomorrow and then it closes. Let's make them #1.  They work hard to give everyone outstanding treats and service.

    Thank you so much!


  • It's National Donut Day?!

    How about trying a Chocolate Donut Cupcake?!  It's the best of both worlds.  It's baked fresh, not fried in oil, filled with our house made vanilla bean pudding, topped with house made chocolate ganache, and of course topped with the classic donut sprinkle.  Yum!

  • Memorial Day...

  • Wed May 15th is National Chocolate Chip Day!

    We're celebrating with our Chocolate Chip Pie Cupcake and our fresh edible Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Push Up Pops, made with heated treated flour, no eggs, ready to eat. 

    Yes to chocolate chips : )



  • Happy Mother's Day!

    How exciting to spend the whole day celebrating Mom!  We are excited to add to the celebration with the special cupcake treats we are crafting for Mom.  We hope you enjoy the just for Mom cupcake flavors of MOMosa, Chocolate Truffle, Chocolate Dipped Strawberry and Chocolate Merlot plus the many other cupcake flavors and treats.

    Happy Mother's Day!

  • Hooray for our Teachers! Celebrating you with a sweet treat.

    It's "Apple for the Teacher"...Cupcake that is!  Baking at Yummy Cupcakes is a delicious chocolate cupcake frosted with a rich chocolate buttercream, rolled in red sanding sugar, finished with a chocolate "stem" and buttercream leaf.  So cute. So delicious.  In a window box with a personal note card, this is the perfect treat for your favorite Teacher.

  • Big Day! It's National Nurses's Day and Beverage Day!

    How about taking beverage cupcakes to your favorite Nurse?  Yummy Cupcakes is baking a variety of delicious beverage inspired cupcakes like Sweet Tea, Lemon Lime Soda, Root Beer, Chocolate Milk and Cappuccino, today only at any of our Bakeshops.  You can even add a complimentary note card designed just for that special nurse. 

    Make life a treat!

  • Yes it's Cinco de Mayo and we have treats!

    Not on the menu very often but these cupcake flavors are such a treat!  The Margarita cupcake is made with a shot of tequila, fresh lime, so good.  And there's Tres Leches, Coconut Mango and so many more delicious flavors.  Check it out today...only at Yummy Cupcakes.

  • These Cupcake Treats are only here for a Limited Time!

    For Easter, our Bakers are crafting our ever popular cupcake...Easter Bunny!  This delicious chocolate cake is frosted with a pale pink buttercream, sprinkled with pure chocolate paillettes that melt in your mouth, finished with our house made solid chocolate bunny ears.  A treat only here for Easter then gone until next year.  And, of course, the most popular Easter Cupcake...the Marshmallow Peep.  It's a delicious vanilla bean cupcake filled with marshmallow cream that overflows out of our pale yellow vanilla bean buttercream, finished with a marshmallow peep.  And for your every day treat in April, try our moist Carrot Cream Cheese cupcake crafted with pineapple, raisins, walnuts and freshly grated carrots.  And one peel is sugared and chosen to decorate the cupcake top

    Here just for Passover is our Flourless Chocolate Cupcake.  This is a decadent chocolaty treat that, too, is only here this one time every year.  Topped with fresh whipped cream and a fresh raspberry, this is another treat not to be missed.

    Amazingly delicious and fun holiday treats are here for you at Yummy Cupcakes.

  • Check out the crazy flavors on April 1st!

    It's April Fool's MonDay and Yummy Cupcakes is bringing out some pretty fun and crazy cupcake flavors like Candy Cane - Inside Out - Snowball - Trick or Treat - and Pumpkin Pie!!!    So bring your crazy taste buds to a Yummy Cupcakes Bakeshop on Monday April 1st for some cupcake flavors you'll only see one day...for quite a while.