The Yummy Cupcakes® Story

Know what you are being served . . .


Truly artisanal gourmet cupcakes are simply this . . .  

  • fresh and authentic
  • crafted with high quality ingredients
  • accurately prepared
  • created from scratch
  • presented in an artistic fashion. 

Yummy Cupcakes takes great pride in presenting you with truly artisanal gourmet cupcakes!

We bake fresh every day in our Bakeshop Kitchens; use real, wholesome, in-season, top quality ingredients; are crafted by our professionally trained Pastry Chefs; created using proprietary recipes exclusively designed for Yummy Cupcakes by our Executive Chef Tiffini Soforenko; prepared in a unique size that gives you a perfect balance of cake to frosting; and, presents to you 26 flavor combinations to select from every day including Vegan and Sugar-free*.

All cupcakes are definitely not made alike.  Make sure you are getting a truly artisanal gourmet cupcake created at Yummy Cupcakes.

A Brief Yummy Cupcakes History . . .

In January of 2004, Tiffini came to her Husband, Nik, and her Mom, Brogan, with an idea of creating a cupcake only bakery!  Then, there was no such thing as a cupcake only bakery and the idea sounded a little wild.  But all agreed that you could find specialty gourmet cakes…in many flavors and designs…why not little cakes?  And most people wouldn’t buy several cakes at a time in order to get a variety of flavor choices, so they would be limited to one or maybe two flavors…at the most.  So why not little cakes, in lots of delicious flavors, where you would have lots of choices…every day.

We loved the idea but just didn’t have the capital to make it happen.  But we wanted it enough to figure out a way.  Tiffini went to work in the kitchen creating cupcake flavor combinations and the taste testing began.  We had cupcakes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and every opportunity in between…looking for the winners.  Turned out, whenever a combination was exceptionally delicious, our then 2 year old Logan (Tiffini and Nik’s son) would ask for another one of those “yummy cupcakes”.  We officially became Yummy Cupcakes in March of 2004 and started out creating cupcakes for special events.  We saved the money we earned, used every credit card we had (!), did all our own work…painted, laid tile, created signs, signed contracts…and opened our first location in Burbank CA.  We were scared to death we would open and no one would come.  While Oprah didn’t know about us yet, Daily Candy did and thanks to their email blast, we opened to lines out the door and down the block.

Since that day, Yummy Cupcakes has grown and Chef Tiffini has now created over 400 exclusive and proprietary recipes you will only find at Yummy Cupcakes.  And deciding to be the experts in cupcakes, Chef Tiffini created an amazing line of cupcake treats:

  • Cupcake in a Jar
  • Cupcake Truffle
  • Cupcake on a Stick
  • Cupcakie Pies
  • Cupcake Truffle Pops
  • Cupcake Truffluscious
  • Cupcake Biscotti
  • Cupcake Push Pops
  • Cupcake Mini Bites
  • Cupcake Confetti
  • Cupcake Parfaits
  • Frosting Bon Bons

Yummy Cupcakes grew and its reputation for quality and delicious products spread.  We now have another Bakeshop in Santa Monica and a retail location in Brentwood. And we aren’t stopping here.  We have a desire to build the Yummy Cupcakes brand around the world, create jobs for people across the globe, and help make business owners dreams come true.  So with a lot of hard work and every dollar we had, we now offer franchise opportunities to people around the world.  

We opened our first international location in Istanbul Turkey, to outstanding Bakeshop Owners who are growing Yummy Cupcakes with now 4 locations.  Doha Qatar has just opened and Kuwait City is coming soon.  It is our pleasure to soon be opening Yummy Cupcakes in many parts of the U.S. and many locations abroad.

We are so fortunate to have been recognized as outstanding and featured in publications such as Bon Appétit, Every Day with Rachael Ray, Martha Stewart, O, Vogue, People, Cooking with Paula Dean and many more;  featured on Food Networks “Unwrapped” and “Kid In A Candy Store”, The Cooking Channel’ Unique Eats, Rachael Ray, the Tonight Show, Dr.Phil, The Today Show, KCRA, KTLA, NBC, ABC, CBS, Fox, Fashion TV, E!, and more; and had the privilege of serving cupcakes to celebrities special events including The Academy Awards, The Emmys, The Golden Globes, to name a few.  Our Executive Chef has received many awards and is now the President of Le Cordon Bleus Industry Advisory Board.  And now voted #1 by our fans in Los Angeles!  It has been a challenge that we are so proud to share.

In case you are wondering, Logan is now 10 years old and has 2 sisters…Madison, age 7 and Bailey, age 4. And yes, they have the cupcake fever too and are very much a part of Yummy Cupcakes! Only now we have 3 taste testers!