Trick or Treat Fun Box

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It's a kit of DIY cupcake decorating topped off with 15 pieces of Trick or Treat candy.  One for each family member and you have big family fun for Halloween! And it's all inside your house or backyard.

Order your Trick or Treat Box, pick up (contact-free) at the Burbank Bakeshop, and get the party started!

This Halloween Box includes:
* 2 unfrosted cupcakes
* Vanilla bean buttercream
* Sprinkles in our Halloween color mix
* 2 Halloween toppers
* 15 pieces of Trick or Treat candy (name brand candy, selected at random)

It's up to each person to see what they can create and decorate  A cupcake side rolled in sprinkles?  One rolled completely in sprinkles?  Maybe even creating a hole in the center of the cupcake and filling it with Halloween colored sprinkles so when it's cut open, the sprinkles spill out for a little scare!  

It's fun to see what everyone comes up with and it's just a great way to share fun.   

Please order 24 hours in advance.  Pick up available Wed-Sat, 12-4.