You Pick Cupcake 'n Cookie Dough Jars

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YES! .... Select Your Own Jar Filling!!

You select what you want in each of your jars.  It's fun.  You select from the drop down list.  You can fill your jar with any mix you like.  Select from Cupcakes in a Jar in Classic, Vegan, Gluten-less or maybe add in a jar or two of Edible Cookie Dough.  Build your own and get just the pack you want.  

This pack includes four 8-oz contemporary glass jars that are filled with either layers of baked-from-scratch cupcakes, house-made frostings, fillings and scrumptious toppings or edible cookie dough made with heat-treated flour and without eggs.

This is a one-of-a-kind treats - ready to eat and ready to PICK UP at the Burbank Bakeshop Thurs-Sat, 12-4!